Do you want to feel brighter, more energized, lighter and more grounded on a daily basis?

Are you ready to become your own BEST CARETAKER?

Experience balance and easeful living through the Daily Habits of Ayurveda. When we align with the rhythms of the day, the seasons and our time of life, plus our own values and goals - life gets easier, flows better and is more enJOYable. Who doesn't want to live a life that is healthy, balanced, fulfilling, and in alignment with our bigger goals and dharma (purpose)?

The habits of Ayurveda & Dinacharya positively impacted my life and continue to do so on a daily basis. I lived most of my life burning the candle at both ends, and taking pride in it - from working in television production, living in NYC, and then LA, and becoming a mother of two. At the same time, I was trying to maintain a career as a working actor, teach yoga, run a household and be an awake, functioning human being.

I went from being a stressed out, perfectionist, over-scheduled mom and frustrated artist to someone that prioritizes my own self care and is inspired, and motivated every single day to be the best version of myself possible. It took losing my amazing Father in 2014 for me to step boldly into who I wanted to become and the life I want to live.

In Mind Body Bright- “ Be BOLD & THRIVE", I’ve created a journey for you with others on the same upward path, that will help to streamline the process of becoming your own best caretaker and living the life you dream of. It’s an ongoing process, with ups and down, green lights and stop signs, bumps and turns. Once you make the commitment to yourself, your health, your own evolution and who you want to be and the life you wish to create- it all becomes a wonderful, wild adventure. At the end of it all you get to look back and say, “Wow, what a fantastic awesome crazy ride I made happen…what’s next?" 

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• Automating DAILY self care habits that are healthy, loving and regenerating.
• Feeling naturally energized everyday.
• Sleeping deeply and feeling well rested daily.
• Knowing how to feed YOUR body with nourishing foods and simple routines.
• Establishing or automating your meditation/yoga and exercise practices.
• Having more control over your time and how you manage your busy life.
• Feeling confident in and loving your body.
• Develop tools to manage stress and anxiety.
• Inspiring your family, friends and community with better habit wisdom for a healthier life.
• No longer feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, instead experiencing more easeful, graceful daily rhythms.
• Having support, accountability and guidance in helping you reach your goals.
• Living a long, healthy life, aging gracefully and feeling amazing in the process.


• Feel more in control of your life and how you can design your future.
• Feel stronger, lighter, and fit in your body.
• Feel more grounded and calm in your mind and being.
• Feel rejuvenated and positive when you wake up and look forward to your day knowing you have the potential to create exactly what you want.
• Have more time to do what you love and clarity around that which you don’t.
• Feel less reactive and stressed with more freedom to choose your responses and how you show up.
• Choose to connect with like minded people, that inspire and support each other in living healthier lives.
• Choose more effective and efficient techniques and routines around running your kitchen.
• Feel tuned into the daily rhythm’s of nature and understand the many benefits.
• Experience heightened clarity around your souls purpose and more desire and inspiration to fulfill it.