In my eleven week "Be BOLD & THRIVE" Habit Changing Program, we learn the Ten Daily Habits that are rooted in Ayurveda and are key to promoting and supporting optimal health – physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Practicing these simple, yet powerful tools is like having the driver’s manual to your own body, health, happiness and future.

 We are our HABITS and our HABITS make up WHO we are and WHO we become in the future. Here’s the thing- culturally, our habits violate our bodies' most basic needs. The good news is that you get to choose your habits and through the choices you make, CURATE your own life, like an artist creating a beautiful piece of work.

"If you cannot find it in your body, where will you wander in search of it?"
-The Upanishads



In this Eleven week habit changing course you will begin to create new and sustainable habits by taking small baby steps. You'll experience better energy, deeper rest, more mental clarity, better time management, healthier daily routines around nutrition and exercise for YOUR body, and so much more.

 We will work together in an intimate, committed, group of others like you. We will use proven habit changing techniques to help establish optimal daily routines that align with nature’s rhythms, and that create a healthy body, vibrant mind and glowing soul.

 By taking kaizen (small baby steps) in the direction of our goals, we begin to replace our old habits and patterns with new ones that support the person we want to become and create the life we want to live.

When we align with the rhythm’s of nature, we no longer have to pull ourselves through the day, burn the midnight oil to get stuff done or accept being burnt out, unfulfilled, undernourished and stressed as “just the way it is”. 


•ELEVEN weeks of "Be BOLD &THRIVE" Health Coaching & Habit Changing Program.
•Weekly meet -ups with our group via video conference, to discuss the habit we're working on that week. 
•Three one on one coaching sessions with Paula throughout the eleven weeks.
•Every week you will receive a pre-recorded video outlining the habit of the week, WHY we want the habit and HOW we're going to implement it.  
•Downloadable e- books and support materials, a recipe book for easy and healthy meals, and worksheets that we'll use throughout the course.
•Membership to private Facebook forum- accountability, trouble shooting, sharing (once a member, always a member to this community of the BOLD & THRIVING).
• Weekly one on one support with an accountability partner.
•Access to my Member’s only page on my website, tons of materials, tip sheets, and bonuses for paid members only.
•Become eligible to be a "Be Bold & Thrive" mentor to take your leadership and your practice to the next level.