The "BE BOLD & THRIVE" annual pass journey, includes all offerings from the eleven week program and sooooo much more. Take the opportunity to participate in 3 | Eleven week cycles of my Health Coaching & Habit Changing Program. Eleven weeks, ten habits, repeated three times per year. WHY REPEAT? Because what gets repeated gets remembered. It’s through repetition that we’ve established the habits we live with everyday- the “good” ones and the “bad ones”. A few key ingredients to automating good and changing bad habits is having accountability, creating systems for reaching your goals, and understanding WHY we want these goals ie: I want better sleep so that I can wake up feeling naturally energized and able to truly thrive on a daily basis.

Accountability in repetition lets you automate your new habits at your pace with support, built-in trouble shooting, and empowering conversations. You can hop on the bus this February, May and September semesters. Whenever you join, you’ll be in the company of others that have been on the journey longer than you so that you can experience the benefits of their experience. These women (mostly) are creatives, artists, moms, yogis and entrepreneurs (some are all) with busy lives and and high motivation to make their lives better, healthier and more easeful.
This is a year of personal mastery that can not be underestimated and success is inevitable. Plus, it's a TON of fun.

Keep scrolling to see how it all goes down.

"The greater danger for most of us lies, not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark."



• We meet weekly with our group via video conference, to discuss the habit we're working on that week. with troubleshooting, laser coaching and sharing.
ALL calls are recorded in case you are unavailable to show up live.
• At each meet-up call I will provide laser coaching on the habit/routine we’re working on that week.
• Two one-on-one coaching calls with Paula during the 11 weeks, to discuss any challenges, concerns or stuff that is coming up for you.
• Receive a weekly pre-recorded video outlining the habit of the week, the science behind the habit (the WHY) and great tips for implementation (the HOW). 
• Downloadable e- books and support materials, a recipe book for easy and healthy meals, and worksheets that we'll use throughout the course.
• There will be fun challenges (with awesome prizes) to support and encourage you to play your edge…just a little.
• Membership to private Facebook forum for accountability, trouble shooting and sharing. This is where you can ask questions, share your wins and your challenges and support others. This is where friendships are often established. Once you’re a member, you’re always a member in this community of the
• Accountability partners- in here we’re accountable to the whole group but this is also a great program to take with a friend or colleague.
• Access to my "member’s only" website (Paula’s School) tons of materials, tip sheets, and bonuses for paid members only.


BONUS: Here’s the really cool stuff that will build in the culture of where this bus is headed. This is how we start to surround ourselves with people on the same evolutionary growth path and put ourselves in conversations that are elevating not diminishing, that serve our growth, not our outdated belief systems and habits, where new friendships are made and major identity work can take place. And.... we do this within the support of a select group of people that are

Throughout the entire year that we are working together there will be some breaks between the three rounds of the eleven week (in-depth) course. These breaks are intentionally placed so that we have time for implementation, and digestion of the materials and experience. This is time for you to “practice” what you’ve learned and implement the habits into your everyday, real world life. This is time for you to find your own flow and ease with your new habits and which ones you may want to focus on more depending on what is happening in your life now.

During these “breaks” I will offer many ways for you to stay engaged and moving forward on your journey.
These may include:
- Seasonal internal detox (Spring & Fall)
- External detox- how to de-clutter and create zen spaces
-Book club (local & virtual)
-Quarterly journaling and/ or goal setting
and more…

• Optional monthly meet ups i.e. hikes, meditation practice, family days at the beach, yoga in the park (for locals) 
• Ladies night in - I host a lovely and fun evening of bringing the community together eating healthy foods catered by an amazing LA caterer.
• Green smoothie party-  let’s start blending, plus green smoothie recipe booklet for your own constitution. (local & virtual)
•Group Meditation (local & virtual) 
• Closet clean ups (as a late stylist, I still have the knack to pull things together, ditch and donate). It's all about decluttering your space to cultivate ease and flow (virtual and local) using Marie Kondo's Method. 
• Kitchen Sadhana- a disciplined practice around how you organize your kitchen and use it to nourish your body and the other bodies' you feed.
• Learn how to sprout, ferment and eat organically.
•SWAG BAG-  "Glow with Soul" t-shirt, copy of Cate Stillman’s "Body Thrive" book & goodies from local artisans and designers.
•Webinars with guest speakers, covering topics such as Ayurveda, detox, dharma, meditation, seasonal nourishment, time management, healthy habits/healthy kids, preparing for the BIG DAY (meeting, audition, interview) and so much more.
• 5 complimentary yoga classes with me at One Down Dog in Silverlake

This is a year long course in prioritizing your needs first, getting healthy and learning tools to last a life time so that you can show up as the GREATEST YOU POSSIBLE in your work, your personal life and your future self. I’ve got the structure to support it. Are you ready to make the changes you want to see in your life NOW? Let’s do it together!

If we are what we repeatedly do, maybe it’s time to do something different.