From Actress to Yoga Health Coach: Paula’s Transformative Story

I invite you to listen to the podcast on my transformative story. Click here for the full recording.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

• How daily habits keep you grounded?
• Why do artists, musicians and actors greatly need the habits of Body Thrive?
• How daily habits can help your teenager?

Show Highlights:

• 02:26 – Paula talks about how her life was chaotic when her father died while she was raising two kids and working and how that led to more transformation in her life including Yoga Health Coaching.
• 05:39 – Paula discusses how reluctant she was to give up acting as it was part of her identity and she was torn between that and yoga and her dharma.
• 08:35 – Paula talks about how the 10 daily habits have helped her find a “through line” to keep coming back to and help her stay grounded.
• 09:42 – Cate and Paula discuss how the daily habits can help teens and young adults with scheduling.
• 12:22 – Paula discusses how she brings what she’s learned in Yoga Health Coaching that could help actors, musicians and other creative people.
• 15:26 – Cate discusses how the 10 habits help build body integrity and self acceptance.
• 18:15 – Paula discusses her experience mentoring and stepping into a leadership role through Yoga Health Coaching