Success Follows Structure – How to Juggle

I invite you to listen to this podcast I did with YHC! Click here for the full episode. 

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

• How to focus and amplify your creativity through structure and self care.
•Why working on your self is crucial to the success of your career.
• What you can do reduce overwhelm and increase flow in your life and in your career.

Show Highlights:

• 2:30 – Often wellness pros, and people in general are just running around in a state of overwhelm, trying to juggle career and family and trying get things done with no real plan and no set schedule.
•6:30 – When loss occurs in the midst of daily overwhelm, it can cause us to re-evaluate our current path and find a new, better way of living.
• 10:40 – For yoga teachers, work is often disjointed and time consuming, and the income isn’t enough. By contrast, yoga health coaching provides a structure that leverages your time so that effort and income start to align.
• 12:15 – Learning the ten habits of Body Thrive and structuring your day around them allows you to prioritize and fine tune your to-do list, while allowing time for creativity and expansion that creates a sense of ease and reduces stress and overwhelm.
• 17:15 – Taking care of yourself teaches your kids healthy self-care habits.
• 20:30 – The Awake Living course expands on YHC, teaching scheduling integrity and finding routines that work for you and your family.