Mother's Day Inspiration


On this MOTHER'S DAY I think of all the amazing, talented, loving and just plain awesome women and moms I know, have known, and look forward to knowing. Women are a powerful force, and when we can acknowledge, own, harness and BOLDLY direct that energy - we're UNSTOPPABLE!! 

As mothers, wives, often bread winners, contributors and women in todays fast paced world, juggling a million things- we have proven that we are capable of "succeeding" in multiple avenues of our lives. However, this is often happening at the expense of our own health, happiness, time and experiences.

We are only HUMAN and have only so many hours to do all that we do. Why do we women put ourselves last on our own list of priorities? The answer is simple- because we're pulled in so many different directions. Often the loudest demands (kids, careers and responsibilities) take precedence over taking care of home base, the mother ship, beautiful YOU. If your needs are not met, you're not feeling healthy, vibrant, well rested and experiencing joy, purpose and freedom on a daily basis- You suffer and when you suffer, so do those around you

So today on MOTHER'S DAY- Take some time for YOU!! 

•Take a walk, a yoga class or meditate
•Connect with nature
•Give yourself a foot rub with oils
•Call your Mom or a friend that makes you feel good and you enjoy
•Journal, read a book, watch that movie you've been dying to see
•Buy yourself something that puts a smile on your face (hint: peonies are in season)
•Get a great night sleep
•Enjoy a sunset or sunrise
•Nourish your body with a lovely healthy meal
•Do something that you've been putting off because you "just don't have time"

When we create the HABIT of treating ourselves well, it's gets easier and easier to take care of ourselves, and give ourselves the love and attention we need. When we do this, we can go back out in the world feeling healthy, energized, vibrant, connected, confident and grounded in all levels of our lives. 

I love helping other women with all these challenges that we face trying TO DO IT ALL!! Let me remind you again- you're only case you thought that you are part super hero, part cyborg and part miracle worker :) 


What I've learned, and am practicing in my own life and coach others in- is DAILY SELF CARE and LIFE FULFILLMENT. 

The more I practice these  daily routines around how I wake up in the morning and what I do upon waking, plus how I wind myself down at night to get an awesome night sleep- the more I can THRIVE on a daily basis. (I used to burn the candle on both ends, allow others to dictate my sleeping schedule and rely on caffeine for energy on a daily basis) 

When I streamline my calendar, get very clear on where my precious time is spent and be BOLD enough to say NO-  Suddenly more time opens up in my day to do the things I really love that make me happy (I used to be pulled in so many different directions, staying super busy but never getting DONE what I wanted to complete or accomplish) 

Here's what I LOVE (and am so grateful for) 

•I love working with women just like me, because I GET IT!
•I love helping women get the SLEEP they need to feel ENERGIZED and AWAKE everyday.
•I love helping women get OUT OF OVERWHELM and into feeling clarity, freedom and ease on a  daily basis.
•I love helping women learn to EAT FOR THEIR BODY, for the season and time of their life.
•I love helping women REGAIN ENERGYand ZEST FOR LIFE so they can be their BEST SELF.
•I love helping women BUST THROUGH THEIR GLASS CEILING, set their goals high and HIT THEM.
•I love helping women DISCOVER, NURTURE AND ALIGNwith their WILDEST DREAMS.

I love helping women THRIVE so that they can go out into the world and do what they LOVE because the WORLD NEEDS US NOW MORE THAN EVER!!! 


Here's to all the amazing women I know- all the women I have had the pleasure to work with, coach and collaborate with. To all the women who have shared their dreams and goals with me, and taken steps to make them come true. Here's to all the moms I know that truly are the ones that "make s^*t happen" on a daily basis, and help others do the same. Here's to all the creative, talented and entrepreneurial women I know that are bursting with gifts to share with the world (some realized, some still to be)

May this day be a day, that not only we honor all mother's collectively, but that you PAUSE, REFLECT and HONOR YOURSELF for all that you do.

Do something nice for yourself, something you love, and make a promise to yourself that you will continue to put your own self care a few notches up your priority list from this day on. Doing ONE nice thing each day, will start to build the habit of daily self care, and when you do this for you, you're in turn doing it for your family, your community and the world. So ask yourself- what's one thing I can do for myself today that as a daughter, I wish my mom had done for herself? And remember, when we model self care, we're teaching our children to value themselves and their own needs, desires, and feelings of worthiness. 

Here's the thing, if we don't do it for ourselves then nobody else will. 

Now go out and DO IT!