Changing HABITS is F****** HARD!!!


I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine, who is a partner in a very successful marketing and branding agency in New York City, when I was starting my coaching business. He shared with me, some of his expertise in working with teams and running a business. I explained a little bit of how I was running my programs and the philosophies, sciences and systems that they are rooted in. This is some of the advice he shared with me. 

In his words exactly: 

Point #1 - Behavioral change is extraordinarily difficult!"In my 8 years of mentoring about 180 start-ups at TechStars, one the overarching factors in the companies' successes are their abilities to get people to change their behavior. The reason many companies fail is because it's VERY HARD to get people to change. Meaning...your ideal client is likely someone who is very open to behavioral change and malleable. Someone who is truly ready to change how she lives, eats, sleeps, exercises to improve her well- being. My gut tells me this is 5% of your total addressable market. 95% will likely be very resistant to behavioral change, and thus do so in tiny little increments. I think if you agree with this, you may therefore look at structuring your programming in the same way ie: smaller "modules" with quick opportunities to measure success and to give signs of recognition in order to create momentum. And for the "hardcores" you can develop a more ambitious program."

AND....I said, " YUP- that's EXACTLY it". He NAILED it!

My friend hit the head on the nail in every way!

Yes! Changing behaviors/ patterns and even belief systems is extraordinarily hard.

Yes!  The person I can help, is someone that is open to behavior change and WANTS to see the changes in their lives that they desire (better health, optimal weight, more time, sweeter relationships, deeper alignment with their life purpose, better self- care practices/ healthier habits etc.)

Yes! My ideal client/ group member is malleable- in a "growth mindset" vs. "fixed mindset".

Yes! Making the tiniest incremental shifts (a.k.a Kaizen Method) towards our goals is a very powerful tool that I use in my coaching programs. 

Yes! 95% of most people would rather stay overwhelmed, overscheduled, over- weight, tired, stressed out and unhappy because CHANGING HABITS IS F****** HARD! 

Yes! Smaller modules with quick opportunities to measure success. This is WHY we break the habits down into ten weeks and do them 3x/ year. We measure "success" by HOW we feel and the feedback we recieve daily that is in alignment with our goals. This is EXACTLYhow we do it in here.

Yes!  Everyone starts out resistant to change. Everyone has small WINS, setbacks and challenges- it's part of the process. After the third round of the habit course, 90% of graduates are "hardcore"and have NEW AUTOMATED HABITS that have transformed their lives on multiple just happens.

Yes! I am fully comitted to helping that 5% that want to:
• sleep better.
• have more natural energy daily.
• establish daily movement practices.
• make nourishing their body and the bodies they feed easy and fun.
• establish a daily meditation practice.
• move out of "overwhelm" and into ease.
• discover clarity around their dharma/ purpose.
• feel great and confident in their body, perhaps lose unwanted pounds.
• have sweeter relationships.
• manage their time, so more time opens up to do the things they love to do.
• learn the habits that create more ease and less stress in their daily lives.
 teach our kids self-care/love (I believe more valuable than a university degree) 

...and more.

Nobody wants to change UNTIL..........something breaks down, falls apart or is just not working anymore. That could be the body, the marriage, the immune system or the career... Perhaps, it's not until they are so over their own rubbish, or sick of doing the same thing and expecting different results or have had an epiphany on a massive scale. 

Many of our habits, belief systems and daily routines have been a part of our lives for a very long time. Some of them are even cultural and we learned them when we were very young. Others, we've just trained ourselves into them by repeating behaviors, actions and thoughts over and over. We go as far as to identify ourselves by the habits that we do daily.

For more on the science of changing habits click HERE to read my article "HABITS 101".

"We first make our habits then our habits make us". ~ John Dryden

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