Spring Has Sprung

Like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Mama nature has a natural rhythm in ALL that she does…and really, all we have to do is follow. It’s so simple.

Yet, most people are living out of sync. with these natural rhythms or cycles. Life is busy; we’re over-scheduled, overwhelmed, and overstimulated. We’re often just trying to keep up with the fast pace of our busy, ambitious modern lives. We’re eating, sleeping, exercising, relaxing, meditating, hydrating, eliminating, and taking care of our most basic body needs whenever we get a chance or remember.

We think that we can move and groove to the beat of our own drummer without consequences. But, good grief, we’re jumping into metal tubes and flying across time zones on a whim without considering the impact on our mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Ayurveda (and now modern science is catching on) teaches there’s a rhythm to each day, a predictable cycling of the seasons, and even more predictable cycling through the different phases of our lives – from childhood through old age. 

Nature’s cyclical routines are how she thrives. We can anticipate the sun rising and setting, spring following winter, and our bodies naturally changing as we age. She also clearly indicates her changes, if only we opened our eyes to her subtlety, even when she wildly tosses a hurricane or earthquake into the mix. It’s just her sense of humor keeping us on our toes, is how I see it.

Like dancing with Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers, allowing them to lead is easier than going against their natural rhythm. Why? Because chances are, they are better dancers than you are. πŸ’•

The more we can align with the daily, seasonal, and time of life rhythms, the easier it is to maintain body, mind, and spiritual health.

As we transition out of one season and into another, these seasonal cycles require that we do things differently than we did the previous season. Why? Because each season is different.

“To everything turn turn turn there is a season, a time to live, a time to die, a time to plant a time to reap, a time to laugh a time to weep…” 🎼🎼🎼 ~ The Byrds

Each season has very different qualities – summer (Pitta season) is hot, sharp, light, and clear – think hot, clear, summer days. While late winter/ early spring (Kapha season) is cold, wet, heavy, cloudy, dense, and dull – think snow, moisture, shorter days, and longer darkness. Fall (Vata season) through early winter is dry, light, rough, and mobile – think drying leaves, wind, and cooling temperatures.

The word for seasonal routine is RITUCHARYA. Ritu means “season” and Charya means routine. ” 

As we move out of the long, dark days of winter and into the new season of spring, there is a rebirthing and excitement for the new lighter energy upon us.

Spring is a time for clearing out winter’s heaviness, dullness, and darkness as Mama Nature is re-seeding, blossoming, and returning to “life.” If we are in balance, we may feel the same way. Change is in the air. We might experience enthusiasm and more creativity and inspiration as the cold darkness of winter melts away with the sun’s warming.

With spring in the air comes the light rains and more watery warmth, as opposed to the previous season’s cold, wet, dark, and dampness.

Spring is often a time for allergies, flu, mucus, congestion, sluggishness, and even stagnation. Especially in early spring, these imbalances are often accurate when kapha is at its highest.

Spring is ideal for a dietary and even spacial cleanse or detox. It’s a time to lighten up and shed the winter months’ weight and accumulation. Your body and your living spaces – your closet, cupboards, inbox, and car. Ditch old habits, relationships, and junk in your garage that keeps you weighed down and stuck in old patterns, conversations, and beliefs.

Honor your desires.

Spring is the season that we are the most in tune with our intuition and deeper desires. Take time to listen.

My “Glow with Cleanse” is not available this spring (as I’m hustling my bustle building my new 10-week digital course that launches soon). 

I highly recommend finding a reputable Ayurvedic practitioner to guide you through a seasonal body cleanse. (Contact me for recommendations if you would like an introduction.πŸ˜‰).

Even taking 5-7 days to “press the reset button,” lighten up your diet, get more sleep, clear your schedule, get away from the screens and treat yourself well might be enough to clear a little baggage and set you up for a better late spring and summer.

Eat seasonally, local, organic and whole foods when possible. Remember that food is prana (life-force) and provides you with energy. When we ignore our bodies and eat whatever we crave, it can affect our energy negatively. 

For instance, if you’re already hot-headed, intense, and spicy, you may crave hot, intense, and spicy foods, which will increase the heat, intensity, anger, and frustration in you. In Ayurveda, like increases like and opposites balance.

Don’t forget to download your SPRING CHECKLIST for routines and rituals to support the changing of the seasons and the changes happening in YOU.

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