Valentine's Day Ayurvedic Rose Aromatherapy Bath!


In Ayurveda (India's 5,000-year-old medicine and body wisdom tradition), ROSE is thought of as the Queen mother of all flowers. She has a long history of inspiring and healing humankind. The gentle, soothing energy and beautiful aroma of rose are, for many, the ultimate aromatherapy experience.

Roses have been revered throughout history as a timeless symbol of beauty, love, romance, and forgiveness.

I now understand why roses and Valentine's Day go hand in hand.❤️

The ancient Ayurvedic texts suggest that roses are linked to soothing and balancing the mind and emotions and increasing love in life. This happens by making the heart area, and emotions feel lighter and happier, including the heart chakra.

Rose can cool, calm, and balance the mind when it starts to feel overheated and is the best cure for anger or irritability caused by stress or overstimulation. Rose opens the heart and the mind, both necessary for keeping pitta dosha in check. Although rose is balancing for all doshas, it is seen in Ayurvedic medicine to restore balance and bliss, especially to pitta dosha.

ROSE reduces redness in the skin by cooling, moisturizing, and toning it. Our Queen flower Rose also augments a healthy complexion, which enlivens your inner beauty and brings out your inner glow.


Many people prefer a quick shower over a lingering bath in our busy modern-day culture. Yet, the benefits of bathing go way back to when the ancient sages would have their bath early in the morning before their spiritual practices. Of course, we may not have the time every day to luxuriate in the tub when the kids, our jobs, and the pace of everyday modern life are demanding our attention. However, carving out time once or twice a week can have powerful healing benefits to our mind, body, and spirit. This is one of my favorite self-care practices as part of my evening wind-down routine and a ritual that I have grown to love and prioritize for my health and happiness.

An ayurvedic aromatherapy bath is a perfect way to cleanse both the body and the mind simultaneously.


According to Ayurveda, the water temperature for the aromatherapy bath is key. This is because the temperature has a different effect on the doshas. 

  • A cold-water bath can aggravate Vata and Kapha dosha but balance and soothe Pitta dosha.

  • A hot-water bath can aggravate Pitta dosha but balance and soothe Vata and Kapha dosha.

  • (If you haven’t taken a dosha quiz to find out your unique constitution, I suggest checking out the links I share at the end of this article. It’s like having a roadmap to your unique body/ mind and emotions)

  • In the fall/winter months, keeping the bathwater on the warmer side is recommended, and cooler is better in the summer/ warmer months. That said, try to avoid extreme temperatures in general. Also, the therapeutic benefits of the botanicals in warm water will have a more significant impact on your skin.

  • When infusing your bath water with botanicals (fresh or dried flower petals, leaves, roots, and fruits)add one to two eight-ounce cups of dry or fresh botanicals. You can either add the botanicals directly to the bath water or for a more concentrated and deeper healing benefits simply boil about 8-10 ounces of dry or fresh botanicals in approx. 64 ounces of water. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat and simmer. Let the water simmer down to about half volume, strain the water and add to the bathwater, removing the boiled botanicals.

  • The longer you can soak in the healing bath water the more significant the benefits. I love to carve out 20-40 minutes to really steep, relax and enjoy. Remember that anything is better than nothing.😉


After performing ABHYANGA (warm oil self-massage), is one of the best times to soak in a tub filled with botanicals, herbs, and essential oils. Treat yourself to this self-care luxury of soaking in an herb-infused aromatherapy bath to calm the nervous system and rejuvenate sore muscles, bones, and joints.

A rose (any colored rose petals work) aromatherapy bath works wonderfully for all body types (doshas). It truly is a gift to yourself. Taking time out for YOU busy mama creates a sense of love, acceptance, and overall well-being. Adding candles, essential oils, soft music, flowers, an enjoyable book, a yummy beverage, and plush towels can genuinely make this at-home retreat experience extra special.

Like any new habit, it takes time and some extra thought and planning to make a self-care habit like this one REAL. It might take communicating your needs to the people you live with, and asking for time to be alone on a given night. It might mean scheduling it in and blocking time out ahead of time. If this is new to you, keep it simple. You do not need all the above suggested ingredients. If a candle, a warm bath and 10 minutes is what’s doable now, then it’s better than nothing.

The best part is that you can enjoy an essential oil massage and flower-infused 5-star bath and experience, in the comfort of your own home, at ANY time and for fraction of the cost of Burk Williams.

ENJOY…you deserve it.