What is the DAILY RHYTHM?

We live in a fast-paced, high-tech, and electricity-ruled world. There are many distractions, bright objects, opportunities, and entertainment. In trying to do everything, please everyone, burn the candle on both ends, and disregard our bodily self-care needs, we end up overwhelmed, exhausted, burnt out, and often sick and diseased. Life is moving faster than ever, and we’re becoming increasingly disconnected from our internal, natural rhythms and the circadian clock. 

John Douillard, a globally recognized leader in natural health, Ayurveda, and sports medicine, reports that the most recent “Circadian Medicine” research suggests that human genes have lost the ability to perceive and stay in tune with the circadian rhythms of nature. That’s crazy pants if you ask me! Our human genes have lost the ability to be in integrity with themselves. So, where does this leave us? 

To thrive, we need to get in tune with, and follow the rhythms of the day!

The Daily Rhythm, or Dinacharya in Sanskrit, means “daily rhythm.”

Ayurveda, the 5000+ year-old sister science to yoga, recognizes Dinacharya as the key to vibrant health. The human body thrives when it is in alignment with the rhythms of nature, and it suffers when it is not. These rhythms establish order. The order of what we do when is called krama. Krama is the sequence that allows consciousness and energy to flow for optimal health.

The circadian rhythms are the order. The sun rises, the sun sets, the seasons change, and we change through the seasons of our lives. Your body and digestion have their krama, warming up by mid-morning, blazing at midday, and setting with the sun.


As human beings are a part of nature, there’s no separation. What’s happening in nature is happening in us. As much as some of us would like to think that we’re an exception to this rule -- it’s impossible. Nobody is getting a “hall pass” on this one, folks. Sure, you may get away with more for a certain period, perhaps your teens and 20s. Eventually, though, going against nature’s rhythms, burning the candle on both ends, abusing your digestive system, and going against the order of life will catch up with you.

To truly THRIVE and experience OPTIMAL health in YOUR body, mind, and spirit -- aligning your internal body/energy clock with nature is an absolute MUST! To be able to follow the rhythms of the day and not feel that we have to lead -- how awesome is that!!!

Resistance is futile!

Some of you may be contesting and thinking, “I feel good, I’m healthy, strong, and get enough sleep.” Here’s the thing -- you only know what you know. If you think that “optimal thrive” is something you can force or experience without this basic attunement, you just don’t know the difference.

I know it sounds harsh, and I would’ve told me to stick a sock in it ten years ago, too. I’ve now spent enough time experimenting with the ten daily habits of Dinacharya, comparing and contrasting, and testing what I can and can’t get away with. I’m happy to report - it’s 100% true.

Traveling, holidays, and summer with kids out of school are often my biggest test for sticking to my daily routines. However, I’ve learned that if my daily self-care habits are being neglected, all the other parts of my life will inevitably suffer, from my business to my relationships to my attitude and enthusiasm for life. My energy takes a nose dive, brain fog sets in, and worst of all, I feel out of integrity with what I know and how I want to feel daily.

Yes, life happens, holidays happen, kids have breaks, people get sick, businesses are built and collapse, babies are born, people divorce… you get my point. When we’re energetically aligned with the natural energetic clock of life, we THRIVE, but when we’re not, we suffer.

I now know what it feels like to align, so when I don’t, I feel it tenfold in every level of my being. What was my “I feel good” ten years ago, today is my “I feel like crap.” The beautiful thing is that after learning, implementing, and automating my DINACHRYA, I know how to get myself back on track quickly, simply because I have the tools to reset, and so can you.

Get back on track.

As a culture, we need to DO LESS. It’s all about SIMPLIFYING, STREAMLINING, and STEPPING INTO THE CURRENT that is your life. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has spent much of my life pushing boulders up cliffsides and utterly oblivious to the natural order of life. But, when we attune to the daily rhythms, life gets easier, energy increases and flows more freely, and time and space open up so that you can do what you’re put on this earth to do…whatever that is.

Did you know that:

• Just as important as what you eat is when you eat. Ayurveda has been teaching for thousands of years that our digestion, and when we eat (and don’t eat), has a massive impact on and determines the quality of our overall health. It’s now called “intermittent fasting.”

• The importance of deep rest, and why, when you sleep, is as paramount as how much sleep we get? Your body is detoxifying, rebuilding, and healing when you are asleep between 10 pm and 2 am. 

• When you wake up, and what you do upon rising have a massive impact on your day, health, mental capabilities, attitude, and life? Moving your body FIRST thing in the morning has an enormous impact on your energy, focus, and quality of digestion and sleep.

• The biggest meal of the day should be eaten in the middle of the afternoon for optimal digestion?

• Early mornings are the most spiritual and ethereal time to Meditate for optimal mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  

These are just a FEW of ways to start NOW to align with the circadian rhythms of the day, experience more energy, optimal digestion, and deeper sleep.  

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